Free Sample Chart (8.5" x 11")


To be frugal is to be cautious and to use your money wisely.  If you are reading this page, we are guessing that you are likely cautious and wise (a good trait in any navigator!).  We might even assume that, being cautious and wise, you will want to see samples of our product before you invest your hard earned money in them.

At we are cautious with our money too.  We were mortified to discover that, with charts being four feet long or so, we often end up with three feet of waste at the end of each roll of printing stock.  Cautiously, we've been saving these pieces of high quality waste paper and wisely decided to turn them into samples to show to our cautious and wise navigator friends.  

At, we use top quality paper and inks.  If you would like to receive one of these sample charts, just add one to your cart and go through the checkout process.  Once you've received it,  write on it with a pencil, fold it several times, dunk it in water and fold it again.  You will find, as we did, that this is the most durable ink and paper short of using plastic.  NOAA won't authorize plastic since it does not retain pencil markings. 

Once you've roughed up your sample chart, we are confident that you will come back the next time you need an official NOAA version.  We will be waiting and ready to serve.

If you have any feedback.  If you can think of ways we can improve our product (or even the sample for that matter) please do not hesitate to email me.


Happy Charting!


Scott Franz