• Will my charts be shipped rolled or folded?   At FrugalNavigator.com we always ship our Standard Nautical Charts rolled unless otherwise requested.  This gives you the discretion to fold in the way that suits your chart holder, drawer or nav. station.  Small Craft Charts, Small Craft Folios and some Intracoastal Waterway charts are shipped folded.  Please note that if you order just one Standard chart and choose the free, folded, first class shipping, the map will need to be folded to fit in an 18" by 13" envelope, the maximum size accepted by the Postal Service.  We also use a slightly lighter paper to keep the package under the one pound maximum for First Class.
  • Are Frugal Navigator charts waterproof?  FrugalNavigator charts are highly water resistant.  They can survive rain, spray and even a brief dunking.  These charts are made of heavy coated paper so, while they are highly water resistant, they accept and retain pencil marks until you decide to erase them. (Laminated and/or plastic charts do not hold pencil markings and are not approved by NOAA).   If you have used paper charts before, we think you will be impressed by the weight and durability of FrugalNavigator charts. 
  • Are Frugal Navigator Charts up to date? Yes!  Our Standard, Small Craft and ICWW charts are printed with all the latest updates from NOAA and/or the NGA.