International Shipping

If you are interested in having charts shipped outside of the United States we will be happy to email you a quote.  Please email your "ship to" address and any preferences (e.g. rolled in a tube or folded) to  We will do our best to email back a quote within 24 hours.  If our quote is acceptable to you and you've sent us the billing address associated the payment card you intend to use, we can reply with an invoice link.  Once the invoice is paid via that link, we will do our best to print and ship within 24 hours.

We know that shipping, these days, can be expensive but we can work with you to get them delivered at the lowest price possible.  There are many things we can do to lower your costs outside of choosing a carrier and method so be sure to contact us for details.

So far we have found the United States Postal Service "flat rate" envelopes to be the most economical way to ship charts if you don't mind them folded to fit.  The flat rate envelopes are 15" by 9.5" in size.  Note that if we use our heavy cruising paper (preferred by most sailors) we can usually fit two charts in an envelope of this size.  If you are able to tolerate a lighter water resistant paper, we can usually get four charts in an envelope.  At last check we were able to send one envelope from the Northwestern corner of the United States to South Africa for $24 us dollars.

Please let us know how we can help,