50 wall chart options {antique version shown}


North Pacific Ocean eastern part for wall mounting (not intended for navigation)

Full Size 29" x 45"     Medium 24" x 36"     Small 18" x 27"

If you don’t see the size or configuration needed in the drop-down menu above, we can help.  We do not charge to resize if you are happy with the original width to height ratio.  If you would like to change that ratio or do not need the whole chart, however, please consider purchasing the “customized” version.  You can communicate your specifications by leaving notes during the checkout process or by emailing customizations@frugalnavigator.com.  It is possible to save significant custom framing costs by spending a little extra on a customized chart.

Click here for: The Official NOAA version (standard colors shown)

Move the cursor over the second photograph to view our antique overlay options and communicate your choice as described above.  The default antique charts, if we don't receive your choice of overlay, will be #3 as applied to the chart photo itself.