Topo Catalog for Montana | Area between Missoula and Helena

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Welcome to the Frugal Navigator Catalog for the area between Missoula and Helena!

At F.N. you get two maps for the price of one. Each print we ship has the most current Shaded Relief/Contour map on one side and a historical topo on the back.

Use the front for navigating but study the back for old jeep trails, structures or ruins that may no longer be included on the latest generation of USGS maps.

Whether you are exploring the Beaverhead-Deerlodge National Forest between of Butte and Philipsburg, the Rattlesnake National Recreation Area just out of Missoula, or the Helena-Lewis & Clark National Forest, east of there, this catalog has the detailed maps to help you explore the region.  Also covered in this catalog, you will find Welcome Creek Wilderness along with several Wildlife Management Areas including Spotted Dog, Calf Creek, Threemile, Aunt Molly, Nevada Lake, Canyon Creek and Garrity Mountain.



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